Meizhou 3D relief sculpture wall art is raging up domestic wall relief epidemic

2018-09-26 16:55:14 Meizhou 22

Once upon a time, in the home improvement industry is very popular decoration will install the TV backdrop of the atmosphere is now increasingly fading. Investigate its reason, as the biggest highlight of the decoration, customers with high expectations to look forward to imagine the perfect living room wall background, but often so that designers can not start. And whether it is a classic or extraordinary play, with the exquisite design of the figure compared to the craftsmen who do all they can to create the works often give the customer is just a sense of loss.

Decoration is not satisfactory result is always the most overall is superbly Decoration Engineering leave deficiency, often become the decoration flaw in the background wall design let customer facing question deeply guilty designers sometimes tried to persuade customers to abandon the background wall decoration, in order to avoid superfluous. And all day long face a fait accompli background wall, even if the investment with appreciative eyes, owners inevitably aesthetic fatigue, with the passage of time tired of psychology arises spontaneously. All this contributed to the once popular background wall decoration tide a decline.

It is in this environment and to meet the domestic light decoration, decoration and building materials industry, the rise of the concept of modular products, and integrated the overall development trend of European background emerged as 3D relief. It environmentally friendly fashion philosophy and changeable personality elements contained in the shape, color is rich and full of creative design, the unique taste of the owners provide infinite imagination space and the fun of DIY; full of praise for its mature combination scheme and a real display effect let everyone have the heart moving; aesthetic penetration in high relief modeling, the limited space at home seems to be in the imagination infinite spread, although only a space scene, but space is limited to the infinite, let whole household grade concentrate on the distance between, home ownership can Co. to peep into the infinite, in the corner between appreciate world wide. The European 3D like relief at any time because you are fatigued innovation disappear. This is fierce, Europe like 3D relief cyclone, it makes you irresistible charm...... It is raging tide brought up the domestic popular Norwegian cyclone, China Home Furnishing LED industry to enjoy the world.

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