Meizhou auspicious jade products inherit culture in silent language.

2018-09-26 16:49:51 Meizhou 7

Home is everyone is happy heart yearning, is a place for meeting friends and relatives, life, is the combination between family character, ideal, life's joys and sorrows; is Barilla life, realize the true meaning of life space. Children are in such an environment, it is a subtle tradition of parents with the cultural and artistic temperament, which is a "home" unique culture. And European like auspicious jade series products is based on this, art into life, interpretation of Oriental traditional auspicious culture in the products, the happy and peaceful transfer to each family.

Ou like auspicious jade series pioneering Chinese from traditional auspicious culture learn valuable elements, the modern people's daily life and Home Furnishing aesthetic needs, combined with the creative, the wood texture have great originality and Wen Runyudiao combined to create lucidity, true to life and unique birds, beasts, fish and insects, the flower pattern, the product contains auspicious good moral and noble quality, to bring customers not only for decoration or gift functional value, but has a more profound cultural connotation and spirit, is the eternal inheritance and extension of blessing, is a kind of practical concern for the people a better life the heart and the heart of a call and attract, this is the greatest value for customers to create the purple coral.

Ou think art innovation is the artist's idea of people and the way of life, home decoration is the pursuit of beautiful, the favorite materials together. But its essence is the change of the way of life brought by the change of people's thought. Decide to choose to like, this kind of preference in the life with the thought change is also in the continuous improvement of growth. Auspicious jade like European series products are more and more family favorite, but also from the thoughts of people's living standards continue to improve.


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