Meizhou is growing very faster as one of the leader in the wall art home decoration area.

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Mozi said: "home will always be safe and seeking happy" people in China live in the building feel, this pigeon cage like room lack something, in material obtained satisfied, spiritual pursuit to show up, people generally aware of no cultural and artistic atmosphere of the bedroom is misshapen not complete.

Entered in twenty-first Century, the overall aesthetic appreciation of the community, cultural heritage awareness has gradually increased, people's consumption concept of home is from a simple practical to cultural taste consumption changes. This is a "I choose, I like", the deep-seated spiritual needs are changing every one of us, a family and the whole society of aesthetic attitude, lifestyle and consumption trends. China's domestic consumption trend has changed from the food and clothing to enjoy type, culture has become one of the ways to highlight the personality, express feelings, the pursuit of taste. Under this trend, home decoration has become a hot spot of consumption,

According to the authority of the state agency statistics show that 2011 China's furniture in consumption capacity up to 4000 million and increased at a rate of nearly 30% a year. Experts predict that the next ten years will gradually become a hard pack will gradually become the basis of homogeneity decoration, soft decoration production will account for more than 40% of the home decoration industry. In 95% of the domestic level or below the city, however, this is not professional furniture stores, but did not have the influence on the well-known brands, the industry is still in the no brand, no size of the blank, the market is in urgent need of a specialization, standardization, system, the scale of the leading brand lead lead the market.

As for the current European relief wall mass Home Furnishing needs cultural consumption and spiritual life characteristics, pioneering Abstracts

Solution scheme to solve the traditional wall decoration quality, environmental protection, and other problems, then opened a new chapter in the Norwegian industry development in China.

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