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Company culture

Enterprise's goal:

         To be the sea culture of Hubei, and to build a well-known home and apparel industry aircraft carrier

Our Mission:

         Inheriting Chinese traditional national culture

corporate philosophy:

         Quality for production, integrity for development

company culture

Innovation: more thinking can be innovative, diligent review can improve

Execution: The key to success is decision making, and the key to decision making is execution.

Integrity: Holding Honesty, Mutual Benefit and Common Prosperity

Focus: Because of concentration, so professional

Efficient: Create effective business performance in a spirit of hard work

Goal: We must grasp the direction to open up the future

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Hubei Zhihai Culture & Art Co., Ltd

Factory Address: No.8, Xiao Qiao Road, Xiaogan city, Hubei Province

Showroom Address: No.29021-23 , 5 floor, 51Gate,3 District of Yiwu International Trade City, Zhejiang Province,China

Tel: 0579-81559033 /  Fax: 0579-85542369

QQ: 3569241376 / 1031689402




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Company Web: www.cnzhihai.com

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